Propane Delivery

Automatic Delivery

Baby Bulk
Baby Bulk – We have 2 of these trucks. These trucks are used for delivering propane to places where the full size bulk truck cannot go.

This allows worry-free delivery for our customers. Automatic delivery service allows you to fill your tanks routinely. Delivery is based on what is known as a “Degree Day System,” which takes into account cold weather temperatures and estimated consumption. It DOES NOT however take into account dampness or wind during the Spring/Fall, therefore to ensure worry free delivery, it would be helpful for our customers to “spot check” the percentage in their tanks during these 2 seasons. Other than that, with this program, customers don’t have to remember to call unless anything else is added that can change propane usage (ie. BBQ, range, boiler, dryer, fireplace etc).

Will Call Delivery

Customers are required to contact the office when their propane level gets down to 30%. This will place the customer on a list for the next delivery scheduled in that area. There is a $150 emergency fee should you run out before we are scheduled for delivery to your area.

24hr service– should you require propane or service, your call will be directed to our answering service after 4:30pm